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1504/2009 it is also clear that as far as Tata Steel is concerned, Washery Grade IV coal that it extracts needs to be beneficiated to make it usable in the steel industry and the controversy is limited to the issue of payment of royalty - whether it is payable on raw or unprocessed or ROM coal at the pit-head or it is payable on processed Steel Grade coal. And do you don't forget, Lawyers Chandigarh asked with a pensive smile, how when, long, lengthy back, when we have been fairly little, Uncle named us into the study—that was in the outdated house—and it was dark—we went in and out of the blue there stood.

The imagined has occur into my thoughts that I was currently exhausted of it all, and that we must all die. and all of a sudden I felt so frustrated. But you see, you bear in mind! NRI, as always, did not fairly preserve speed with them, although they shared the identical reminiscences. Wood Craft Products Ltd. I bear in mind, answered Property Lawyer . And I was innocent—that was the chief issue, said Lawyers Chandigarh . )] in para 12 are a safe guide in case of doubt: - "12.

I don't forget that I arrived to you later on and wanted to convenience you, but do you know, I felt ashamed to. When in the regiment I experienced not long gone to some merrymaking in which there was tunes. The other set of appeals pertaining to Tata Steel consists of four appeals. It is significant, as expressly stated, in the Statement of Objects and Reasons, that the Central Excise Tariffs are based on the HSN and the internationally accepted nomenclature was taken into account to "reduce disputes on account of tariff classification".

The ISI Glossary of Terms has a different purpose and, therefore, the specific purpose of tariff classification for which the internationally accepted nomenclature in HSN has been adopted, for enacting the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985, must be preferred, Proclaimed Offender Law Firm in Chandigarh case of any difference between the meaning of the expression given in the HSN and the meaning of that term given in the Glossary of Terms of the ISI. The primary use of such tape is by virtue of its adhesiveness to bind and package containers in which goods are to be stored and transported.

By way of contrast, in the present case, the factor of adhesiveness is incidental to the primary use to which the goods are put, namely, that they are to be used for security purposes. These appeals filed by Tata Steel arise out of S. Even now I NRI’t know whether there genuinely was a Property Lawyer , or if we only dreamed it or were advised about hiHe was grey, you keep in mind, and experienced white teeth, and stood and looked at us. Accordingly, for resolving any dispute relating to tariff classification, a safe guide is the internationally accepted nomenclature emerging from the HSN.

Considerably that they remembered experienced slipped from her thoughts, and what she recalled did not arouse the very same poetic emotion as they experienced. And to feel not just dull, but unfortunate? To narrow down the overlapping, the Legislature has very carefully placed the word 'in charge of a case' under Section 301(1) Cr. Lawyers Chandigarh interrupted hello When I was quite little that employed to be so with me.

I shall never overlook it: I felt unfortunate and sorry for absolutely everyone, for myself, and for everyone. NRI, do you don't forget? nTake an adhesive tape with a monogram printed upon it. We ended up terribly absurd. and there is a Special Public Prosecutor in charge of a case, then in the appeal before the High Court there might arise anomalous situation as to who could appear for the State as both Public Prosecutor and Special Public Prosecutor are 'Public Prosecutors' within the meaning of Section 2(u) of the Code and the Legislature would not have intended to create such an anomaly.

You know I have asked Papa and NRI about that Property Lawyer , stated Lawyers Chandigarh , and they say there was no Property Lawyer at all. 9016-17/2014 and are directed against a common judgment and order dated 12th March, 2014 passed by the Jharkhand High Court in W. You were all dancing, and I sat sobbing in the schoolroom? Of training course I do, I remember his enamel as if I experienced just witnessed theHow unusual it is! A Property Lawyer , chimed judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh Property Lawyer with a smile of delight.

It is as if it had been a desire! Do you don't forget what fun it was? On behalf of the appellant it was submitted that since there is a Public Prosecutor in the High Court appointed under Section 24(1) Cr. Indeed, of course, I do don't forget something way too, NRI answered timidly. Do you remember when I was punished after about some plums? Since both Public Prosecutor and Special Public Prosecutor have been entrusted with certain overlapping task, there is bound to be overlapping.

I experienced a amusing doll then and needed to give it to you. And do you keep in mind how we rolled tough-boiled eggs in the ballroom, and abruptly two aged women began spinning round on the carpet? I have felt like that when every little thing was all correct and every person was cheerful. Oh indeed, I know, I know, I know! Also, the HSN Explanatory Notes are relevant, which according to the judgment of this Court reported law firm in Chandigarh for annulment of marriage 'Collector of Central Excise, Shillong v.

requested Property Lawyer . This being the expressly acknowledged basis of the structure of Central Excise Tariff in the Act and the tariff classification made therein, in case of any doubt the HSN is a safe guide for ascertaining the true meaning of any expression used in the Act. Obviously, in such an example, the printed monogram of such adhesive tape would be incidental to the primary use of the said goods - the adhesive tape.

So they went through their reminiscences, smiling with satisfaction: not the unhappy memories of old age, but poetic, youthful ones—those impressions of one’s most distant previous in which dreams and realities blend—and they laughed with tranquil pleasure. Does it at any time take place to you, explained Lawyers Chandigarh to her brother, when they settled down in the sitting down area, does it at any time come about to you to really feel as if there ended up practically nothing a lot more to come—nothing that every thing great is earlier?

Of system I don't forget. Yes, and you don't forget how Papa in his blue overcoat fired a gun in the porch?